Microsoft Search Q&A

Microsoft has introduced the wonderful Unified Search capability accessible across all Office 365 services. A single text box to search across organisation data. Microsoft Office 365 admin center has Microsoft Search with features like ‘Acronyms’, ‘Bookmarks’, ’Floor Plans’, ‘Locations’ and ‘Q&A’ in it.

In this blog we will how to configure and use Q&A.

Why/Where can I use Q&A?

In this modern world most of the organization’s information is scattered across multiple sites. So, it’s very hard for a new joiner to find answer for his very basic questions like which team to connect and how to connect in workplace. Even for an existing employee sometimes it’s hard to get information due to frequent re-structuring. So, it’s always better to have those basic questions and answers to be available in an easily available place. And this is it is, this Q&A can be accessed from anywhere of organization office 365


  • Easily manageable through admin center with no additional cost
  • Top result if keywords matches (Bookmarks precedes if they have same keywords)
  • Updates Immediately available, no waiting for index/crawl time
  • Bulk Import/Export
  • Targeting by device, country/region and groups
  • Set availability date range
  • Supports html content

In this blog we will see how to configure and use Microsoft Search Q&A.

  1. Go to Microsoft 365 admin center.
  2. In the navigation pane, go to Settings > Microsoft Search > Answers > Q&A
  3. To add a Q&A, select Add new
  4. Save your changes

All done simple and straight forward. Go to office 365 and enter “How to connect HR” it should show the Q&A we added.

Thanks for your time.Sharing is Caring.