Microsoft Teams

Microsoft always a pioneer, thinks about more user friendly, collaborative and integrated tools. The one among now trendy is Microsoft Teams.

Teams is a space to group people together and work together using Microsoft collaboration tools in one place. A Team consists of channels inside it to group people for a department, project or topic. Users can start conversation, share files in chat, can make audio/video calls, work on office documents at same time at same place, use planner and other Microsoft apps inside a channel.

First time when I launched Microsoft Teams from office 365 portal using Chrome it failed to launch try logout and re login, I did, but didn’t work instead of a warning saying the chrome version is not supported so downloaded the latest and it worked.

So better go with the latest of browser, if in an organisation plan for browser compatibility before rolling out Teams.

Teams gives users to create a new Team and also to join to existing Team if user knows the code.

As like other modern collaboration tools Teams also gives option to enable desktop notifications.

Now it’s time to create a Team.

Warning: It’s good to create “Private – Only team owners can add members”. Please have a user plan in hand before creating, because for now Microsoft allows only 5000 users to inside a Team [at the time of writing this blog]

Now my team is created and ready for my HR team to collaborate, Teams will have a default channel named “General” created out of the box. Owners can add more number of new channels later.

The channel window has top menu where users can find the default Conversation Tab to start conversation, Files Tab to add files related to the channel, Wiki Tab to create wiki pages related to the channel, also a + symbol where user can add most of the office tools into this channel for team’s collaboration.

In this file tab users can upload new file from local, from cloud storage and open from SharePoint.

The amazing part of is this “Edit in Teams” which will allow users to open the target file to open inside the current Teams window and collaborate with team in same place. This feature supports most of the office document formats like word, excel, ect.,

Co-authoring a fantabulous feature many users can edit same document at same time and override/allow changes at their end quickly.

Normally conversations allow people to chat only but team conversation allows users to share files in chat with all team members

When you create a team, here’s what gets created:

  • A new Office 365 group
  • A SharePoint Online site and document library to store team files
  • An Exchange Online shared mailbox and calendar
  • A OneNote notebook
  • Ties into other Office 365 apps such as Planner and Power BI

Where are these files stored? Microsoft Teams creates a SharePoint private group site for you to store documents

Also Microsoft office 365 outlook group is created for this Team. This stores all conversations and mails within the team.

Inside a channel user can add custom tabs at top from Microsoft apps window. I am going to add a planner app at the top menu now.