Office 365 – How to Enable Target Release

What is Target Release:

Microsoft office 365 new features are not release immediately all of sudden, for an end user to see a new feature it has to cross the 3 levels

  • Level 1: will be released to the Microsoft feature team to test and validate
  • Level 2: will be released to all office 365 team to test and validate
  • Level 3: will be released to customers/users who have opted for “Target Release” in office 365 admin portal
  • Level 4: finally, the world wide release

Why do you need it?

We have heard many saying, I am an admin of my organization o365 portal still can’t see the new feature. I can see the details in the message center but in the site. Why?

Yes, when a new feature is in “Target Release” even an admin cannot view the new feature until admin has opted for this in o365 admin portal.

Technical support teams owning o365 can take this chance to evaluate the upcoming features capability, impact in current systems and get ready for user journey/user adoption before it reaches worldwide release.

Admins can decide or control who can see the new features in target release.

Go to office 365 admin panel settings section

Then move to “Organization profile” which opens a right side panel with “Release preferences”

Click on “Edit” in the above section and select “Target release for selected users”

Warning: Always don’t select this “Targeted release for everyone” as the new feature will be available for everyone before you validate it. Here i have done as its a developer subscription and i don’t have an organization structured users.

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