SharePoint Modern Experience

Everywhere everyone talks about SharePoint modern experience. Its not a developer, architect, consultant or a IT user everyone talks about the new face of SharePoint.

So then I thought of to look into what has changed, how its different, where it had changed and for whom it has changed. Do i need to adapt to this change and why? As i feel very much comfortable and used with the old classic type.

Out of all these common questions but with self interest thought to explore the big bang SharePoint Modern experience.

Now it’s time to hit on creating a new site and see new design. So i created a new community site collection using o365 SharePoint admin portal, but surprised ooohhh….. to see the new site is in classic type and not in new format.

Later with bit of trial and error I thought to change the new experience for o365 admin site first and then created a new community site collection. It’s really a wow look and feel, flexible user interface, eye catchy, trendy, and the most I liked is the placement of tiles which serves the information at right places. It’s really a modern experience.

Hats off to Microsoft Team thinking at end users place what they need.

And the most greatest feature i admired is the mobile responsive version. As we know the pain and cost to make up a website as mobile device compatible, this is amazing without extra effort, cost or code.

It’s a fab!!…

As this is my first blog i want to start with a simple,known feature, i know its bit late to talk about this. will slowly pick up to the advanced ones. Forgive my mistakes please. Thank you.