SharePoint Online – Tenant appcatalog vs Site Collection appcatalog

What is Tenant appcatalog?

A dedicated centrally located SharePoint online site used to deploy all add-ins and SPFx solutions with Tenant administrator permissions.

The solution deployed in here will be available for all site collections across organization and each site collection administrators can add them in their site collection.

Example: Solutions like uniform Footer for all site collections, then deploy your SPFx footer extension to this tenant appcatalog.

Previously this appcatalog was easily findable in the navigation, but after SharePoint admin centre site modern look its hidden under “More features” –> “Apps”

And if you don’t have one you can create a tenant appcatalog from this screen.

What is Site collection appcatalog?

This new appcatalog allows us site collection administrators to deploy solutions at a site collection level. Such deployed solutions will not be available

But its good to get tenant admin consent & review, even though its site collection

Example: Solutions like a webpart created for HR site, then deploy your SPFx webpart into your HR Site collection appcatalog.

But this site collection appcatalog will not be available by default, tenant administrator must create this.

Connect-PnPOnline -Url https://<tenant> -UseWebLogin
Add-PnPSiteCollectionAppCatalog -site

Note: Site is the target site collection where you want to create appcatalog

Once this appcatalog is created you could see a list named “App for SharePoint” is created inside your site collection

So, way to go for site collection restricted solutions and site collection administrators can manage it.

To remove the site collection appcatalog

Remove-PnPSiteCollectionAppCatalog -site

But even after you remove it the library will be still available don’t worry you wont be able to deploy anything it will give this error


Even though site collection administrators mange their own site collection level appcatalog, as part of governance a tenant admin needs a way to see them. Yes, there is a hidden list in the tenant appcatalog, here is the URL


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